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Shannonville Welcomes A New Motorcycle Service Provider

Shannonville (ON), June 23, 2020 – Shannonville Motorsport Park is pleased to welcome Superbike Depot Inc. as its new motorcycle on-site service provider. Starting Friday, June 26, 2020, Superbike Depot will be at the track for all Shannonville motorcycle lapping events to provide service and support for multiple brands of tires, parts and accessories.

Shannonville Motorsport Park is a well-known facility when it comes to motorcycle lapping. With its consistently growing participation during the motorcycle lapping and Two-Wheel Tuesday events, having an on-site service provider is amongst the strategic improvements that needed to be implemented.

We believe that having a multi-service provider will allow us to service our customers better. As we continue to plan for the future, it is important to place our customers first and to help put their mind at ease when they come to the track. They will know that if they need on-site tire service or a last-minute solution, they can count on the fact that Superbike Depot will be there to look after them.

In addition to their on-site presence, Superbike Depot created a pre-order page on their website ( to facilitate order requests.

To find out more about Shannonville and to plan your next participation in one of our events, please visite our website at or follow our Facebook page @shannonvillemotorsport park.

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John Bondar, President
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