Shannonville Drags

Shannonville Motorsport Park is pleased to partner with RaceWindsor Promotions to operate its drag racing program for the 2023 season.  RaceWindsor is taking on the organization and promotion of the 2023 Shannonville Drags season.

The season’s calendar will consist of four event weekends beginning in June with the goal to include the following classes: Pro, Super Pro, Street, Bike, Sled and Nostalgia.  There is also a possibility for Junior Dragster. Each day should consist of two time-trials followed by eliminations and one buy-back (time permitting). All events will be 1/8 mile.

No more time slips!
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Shannonville Drags 2023 Calendar

Event #1 – June 17/18, starting at 9am (Friday night testing begins at 6pm)

Event #2 – July 15/16, starting at 9am (Friday night testing begins at 6pm)

Event #3 – August 26/27, starting at 9am (Friday night testing begins at 6pm)

Event #4 – September 23/24, starting at 9am (no testing available)

Event #5 – October 7/8 – starting at 9am (no testing available)

Test & Tune (time trials only)

Shannonville Motorsport Park offers alternate dates for drag fans & amateurs. TrackNights is one of our most popular events. It combines two activities in one event, lapping & drag! Participants can drive the popular Nelson track and test their reaction time on the Shannonville Drag strip – timing slips will be provided.  Interested? Find out more information here.

For Shannonville Drags Participants

All participants can contact RaceWindsor Promotions at the following:

New Shannonville Drags Website:

To get in touch with the organizer:

You can also follow the Facebook page

Spectators are welcome!

Pricing & Payment options

Gate fee for all:
Driver-Crew-Spectator tickets are $20.

Payment is done at the gate and we accept Debit/Credit/Cash.

Please take note that Covid-19 restriction may apply.