Shannonville: Our Story

Shannonville Motorsport Park has a long and rich history in the Canadian racing industry. 

It was built in 1974 by John Nelson who was a motorcycle and racing enthusiast.  He operated a motorcycle shop in Toronto and built the track to organize motorcycle racing events.  The original Nelson track – named after Mr. Nelson – was expanded over the years and can now be used in four different configurations and now also includes a drag strip and skidpad.

The Birthplace Of Champions

Shannonville is known as the Birthplace of Champions.  Many competitors have honed their skills at Shannonville and have gone on to become champions on the world motorsport stage.  Jacques Villeneuve is a good example.

Still today, there are a number of driving and race programs conducted every year which can help you to refine your skills whether you ride a motorcycle or drive a car.


1974 – John Nelson builds the racetrack to organize motorcycle race events.

1979 – Jack Boxstrom buys the facility. Mr. Boxstrom operated car racing schools and motorcycle racing schools until he eventually sold the racing property.

1986 – Val David Motorsport Group (Raymond David) acquires Shannonville.  Mr. David made substantial improvements and invested significantly. From that moment, Shannonville Motorsport Park became very successful and an important player in the motorsport industry. It was the go-to place for many years, where future racing champions were trained to be the best.

1992 – While at its peak, Jean Gauthier saw a very profitable opportunity and purchased the racing facility.  

2019 – The Motorsport Group Inc. (John Bondar and Steve Gidman) acquires Shannonville Motorsport Park.

About John Bondar

Driven from genuine passion, John has been involved in motorsport for over thirty years.  From early beginnings as a track marshal, he then raced at the amateur level with his father as the team mechanic. A few years later, he explored the administration of motorsport in Canada.  From 2003 to 2007, John was the President of CASC Ontario Region. While serving on the national advisory board, he became a trusted mentor to the other Regions across Canada and he has also been called upon by the Minister of Transportation Ontario to provide expertise in strategies to curb street racing activities.

 In 2007, John launched the Canadian Touring Car Championship (CTCC) and has grown it into the premiere Canadian sports car racing series that we know today.

About Steve Gidman

Steve was brought up in a family that modified everything with wheels to go faster and occasionally they still worked!  Steve began racing Formula Libre in the early ‘80s including numerous trips to Shannonville.  After taking a 30 year hiatus to raise a family and grow a technology business, Steve returned to racing in vintage sports cars.