Mix and Match Rules

Please familiarize yourself with these Mix and Match Rules to ensure an enjoyable and successful experience.  Drivers are expected to conduct themselves in a mature and responsible manner considering the various abilities of the other drivers.  Drivers shall respect the directions and decisions of the officials at all times.  Drivers are responsible for the actions of their crew and guests.  Shannonville Motorsport Park reserves the right to deny participation at any time.

Mix and Match Technical Checklist

Please review the track worthiness of your car before going out on the track.

Helmet with current DOT rating or better is recommended.
Fully operational seat belts. 
Full tank of fuel. 
Tires properly inflated and structurally sound. 
Torque wheel nuts. 
All loose items removed from passenger compartment. 
Properly working front and rear brakes. 
No fluid leaks of any kind. 

Mix and Match Personal Checklist

Drink plenty of water or electrolytes.
Take a break when you are tired. 
Have a snack. 
Check your car regularly. 
No alcohol or drug use during event.
Ask for advice. 

Mix and Match Lapping Rules

Green flagGreen FlagTrack is clear
Blue flagPassing Zone FlagPassing zone, must complete pass before next corner
Yellow flagYellow FlagCaution, reduce speed, no passing
Yellow/Red flagYellow-red FlagDebris, watch for debris or fluids
Black flagBlack FlagDriver warning, proceed to pit lane at reduced speed and see an official
Red flagRed FlagEmergency, reduce speed and proceed to pitlane, be prepared to stop on track if directed by an official
Checkered flagCheckered FlagSession is over, proceed to pit lane at reduced speed

Be aware of the yellow blend line when you enter and exit pit lane.  You must remain to the left of the blend line when you enter and exit pit lane.

Passing is only permitted in the blue flag passing zones.  All passes must be completed before the next corner.  The faster car shall go around the slower car.

If something does not feel right, please proceed to the paddock and check with an official.

For Drags, after your run, drivers are to follow the race track back to the gridding area at a reduced speed and pick up your timing slip at the timing counter.

Please check with the officials if this is your first time on the drag strip.

Do not get out of your car while on the track unless it is on fire.

Passengers are permitted.