Super Street Division





  • The Series is owned and operated by Shannonville Motorsport Park and is a Private Club Event.
  • To enter, participants must first become members of the Shannonville Racing Club by paying a non-refundable annual fee of $100.00.
  • On the day of every event, each driver and team member must sign-in at the Registration office during the open hours listed on the Event Schedule.
  • The Series reserves the right, without notice, to accept or decline any Registration for any reason and may change or limit the number of Registrations accepted.
  • Drivers MUST attend the Mandatory Driver’s Meetings. Non-compliance could result in refusal of entry to the event.
  • As a condition of participation in the Series, all competitors specifically disclaim any rights to file any Protests or Appeals other that as provided in these Rules.
  • These regulations are intended to assist in the conduct of the Event and to further general safety.  They are a guide and in no way guarantee against injury or death to participants, spectators, or others.  No express or implied warranties of safety or fitness for a particular purpose shall be intended or result from publication or compliance with these regulations.  By entering an Event, all participants are deemed to have understood and accepted these terms, including that motorsport is inherently dangerous and it is each participant’s obligation to meet and maintain compliance with all regulations to reduce the risk of death or injury to self or others, recognizing that such risk is inherent to the sport and cannot be completely eliminated.
  • Prior to an event, interpretation of these Rules in case of doubt or ambiguity shall be determined by the Series Manager. At, and during, an event, interpretation of these Rules in case of doubt or ambiguity shall be determined by the Series Manager or a Series Official.
  • The investigation and review of any issues and/or concerns at an event involving an entered car and/or its driver shall be exclusively between the Series Officials and the Driver, unless specifically requested by a Series Official.
  • Any Driver operating his/her vehicle in an unsafe or unsportsmanlike manner during an event will be subject to sanctions at the discretion of the Series including, but not limited to, EXCLUSION from the Event. Such decisions are not subject to Protest or Appeal.


  • The eligibility of a Driver to compete in the Series is exclusively determined by the Series.


  • Helmet: Must meet current FIA standards.
  • Racing suit: Must meet current FIA standards and be made of an approved fire-resistant material. The use of fire-resistant underwear is strongly recommended.
  • Frontal Head Restraint: Must meet current FIA standards. 
  • Shoes: Must be leather or an approved fire-resistant material.
  • Socks and Balaclava: Must be an approved fire-resistant material.
  • Gloves: Must meet current FIA standards.


  • All participants shall conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner, particularly in relations with other participants, officials, sponsor partners and the general public.  All participants shall maintain the highest level of behaviour and sportsmanship and shall ensure that their actions are not detrimental to Shannonville Motorsport Park and its partners, sponsors, officials, personnel, or motorsports in general. 
  • All participants are responsible for the conduct and behaviour of their crew and guests at all times. A penalty may be applied to a driver for misconduct by crew or a guest including, but not limited to, EXCLUSION from the Event. Such decisions are not subject to Protest or Appeal.


Consumption of alcohol, the use of any narcotic or illegal substance, as defined in law, or the improper use of a legal substance by any participant before, and during the performance of their duties at the race track, is prohibited. Specifically, the use of Cannabis products before and during all competition activities is expressly prohibited. The Series Officials may prohibit participation if it is suspected that any alcohol, or any described substance, has been consumed. Any action taken, or penalty applied, by the Series Officials in this regard is not subject to protest or appeal.


The responsibility for the compliance, mechanical safety and integrity of the car and the driver’s safety equipment rests solely with the entrant and the driver. The Series assumes no responsibility for the compliance, mechanical safety and integrity of the car and driver’s safety equipment.

  • Car eligibility: Vehicles must be production-based vehicles and street legal.
  • General safety compliance: Vehicles must have safety belts in working condition.
  • Convertible: Check with Series Official prior to registration.
  • Transponder: Cars must be equipped with an AMB-compatible lap timing transponder, securely installed on the front sub-frame with an unobstructed downward path for the signal. Vehicles whose Transponders are not working during any on-track session will not be timed. Rental transponder will be available at registration.
  • Numbers: Each car must display a competition number at four (4) different area; each side plus front and back windows. Numbers shall be between 1 and 999.  Digits must be at least 8” high on a contrasting background that are clearly visible.
  • In-car video: Cars that are equipped with an in-car video system must provide the video to the Series immediately upon request. Cameras are to be mounted within the driver’s compartment. Cameras are not permitted on the outside of the vehicle.   


  • Drivers must be familiar with the 2022 FIA standards and sporting regulations and have an acute knowledge of racing protocol and flags.
  • Classifications will be determined by breakout times. Breakout times will be determined to separate the field in a maximum of three (3) classes. ST1: tbd, ST2: tbd, ST3 tbd. Drivers consistently breaking out will be promoted to the next class.
  • Maximum Pit Lane speed is 60 km/h, Maximum Paddock Speed is 10 km/h   


  • The lap times recorded in the Practice/Qualifying session will determine the starting grid position of the car.
  • Cars that did not qualify shall start at the back of the grid.


  • Pre-Grid will close at the time shown on the schedule – competitors presenting after that time will be placed at the back of the grid in the order of their arrival
  • Cars will be gridded and released from the Pre-Grid in single file. 
  • A Series Official may be splitting the field to grid to position cars in order for the formation lap, pointing the cars to either the right or left, starting with the Pole Position at Driver’s Right.


  • All starts will be rolling starts.
  • Overtaking is not permitted until the Green Flag drops. Passing will be allowed only at identified passing zones.
  • A Last Lap board will be displayed from the Start Stand (only) to show the last lap.
  • The Race will end when the Checkered Flag is displayed regardless of the actual time run or laps completed.


  • Should a race be stopped due to a Red Flag, cars shall immediately stop racing, slow down and exercise extreme caution and be prepared to stop.
  • All cars will return to the Pit Lane and wait for further instructions.
  • If a race can be restarted, cars will be re-gridded in the order of in which the cars passed the Start/Finish line of the last completed lap.

FULL COURSE YELLOW (Double Yellow Flags)

  • During a Full Course Yellow, Flags stations will display Double Yellow Flags.
  • All cars shall reduce their speed to Pace Car speed and maintain their relative positions to each other.
  • Overtaking is not permitted.
  • When the condition calls for a return to racing, the Pace Car lights will be turned off and it will enter Pit Lane. The Leader will maintain Pace Car speed until the Starter displays a Waved Green Flag indicating that racing around the circuit has commenced and that normal passing procedures are in effect.


  • Vehicles whose transponders are not working (or missing) during on-track session will not be timed.
  • Finishing positions shall be determined according to the number of laps completed regardless of whether or not the car is running at the finish.
  • To qualify as a finisher, a competitor shall have completed no less than 50% of the total race laps by the leader of that competitor’s class at the chequered flag.