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Shannonville Update – May 17, 2021

Shannonville, ON, May 17th, 2021 – As the summer and the beginning of the 2021 race season grow ever so much closer, Shannonville Motorsport Park would like to give an update regarding the current status of the racetrack and its respective series during this off time.

While we are all eager to get back on track, we aim to do it as soon and as safely as possible. Shannonville Motorsports Park is among the 21 member tracks involved in the Back to The Track initiative. We have been very active in the lobbying and creation of the plan that would allow race tracks to operate in a reasonable capacity once COVID restrictions starts to ease.

“Last week we got the news we didn’t want to hear,” said SMP President John Bondar. “We were hoping to open earlier but things are going to be delayed.”

We aim committed to housing some of the best racing talent the province has to offer, and giving fans an opportunity to see some of the most diverse racing disciplines all in one place. With 100 days expected for motorcycles, and approximately 50 days planned out for drifting, sports car racing, drag racing and other activates. We want to make use of the time we have this shortened season, and in order to give every racer a chance to get out on track we will utilize all of the layouts and amenities we have at our disposal.

In addition, the facility staff have been working hard to make new improvements to the track that will be utilized upon the start of the season. These include, bottle bags placed in turns 1, 11 and 15 during biking events, evening out the verges on the side of the course and smoothing out the run off areas.

“Our staff are still here at the track and we are busy preparing for a new season.” Bondar added. “We have been working on numerous aspects of the facility over the winter, and we will continue to do that before the spring starts.” As we work with the government to ensure a safe return to action, Shannonville Motorsport Park is excited to enter a new era as we look ahead to a bright and prosperous future.