High Performance Driving School (cars)

The Shannonville Motorsport Park Driving Academy is the ideal place for drivers to learn how to handle their car in a controlled environment.


Brack Driving Concepts Program

The Brack Driving Concepts (BDC) program with their highly experienced professional coaches, will show you how to apply the same special driving techniques employed by racers. These techniques will make you a better, controlled and confident driver, in all weather and road conditions. The smile on your face at the end off the day is just icing on the cake!!

Ideal for:

  • Novice drivers
  • Drivers wishing to learn advanced accident avoidance and skid control skills
  • Professional drivers wishing to master their driving skills
  • Drivers interested in motorsport activities and wanting to get a flavor for the sport

Our program is a one-day event utilizing the Shannonville Motorsport Park facility to ensure a safe environment so that participants can concentrate on the new skills being presented and practise. The day consists of classroom and hands on practice with personal coaching. Participants are required to bring their own car. For more information, go to www.brackdriving.com   



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Advanced Driving School Application & Payment

How Will This Course Benefit Me?

Our objective is to provide the every-day driver with the confidence, understanding, and skills to avoid an incident in any weather condition. Drivers will be able to instinctively react to emergency situations, as they will have a practical understanding of how their car will react to evasive manoeuvres and avoid an unpleasant “moment”.

Here are some questions to ask oneself:

  • Am I a nervous driver?
  • Do I instinctively know what I should do to avoid an accident with little notice or time to think?
  • Is braking the best option in a panic situation?
  • What is the difference between braking then turning and turning then braking?
  • Do I know the handling limits of my car at various speeds and know how to reach them safely?
  • What are the braking characteristics of my car in a full emergency stop at speed?
  • Can I predict how the “other” driver will likely react and what that means to my escape route?
  • How do I quickly find the best escape route in an emergency?
  • Do I want to be a more proficient and safe driver?

The Team

Our coaches have extensive high-performance driving and racing experience. Each has driven thousands of laps on different tracks all over North America (and some in Europe) and several have racing experience at amateur and/or professional levels, in different disciplines. Although we are not teaching race strategy, the coaches have smooth car control skills at a very advanced level.

They are chosen not only for their skill and ability to teach, but for their excellence in attitude and perspective as well. Our instructors offer over 700 years of collective instructional background. The breadth of experience is apparent whether you are in the classroom, performing exercises, or on the track putting it all into practice.

Our instructors bring to the table a great deal of safety-oriented, high-performance driving experience creating a casual, fun and informative day. All of our instructors are extremely safety-conscious. They are instructors first!!! 

The Principals


John’s coaching and track experience goes back to the early seventies when he crewed for Canadian formula racer Gary Magwood and more recently for the Krikorian Motorsport Team, winner of the Ontario Touring Cup Championship and others. Since 1976 John has been coaching at high-performance and race schools for various organizations including Saab, BMW, Ferrari, Lotus, Enhanced Driving Synergy, Hanson International, Bill Brack Racing, and law enforcement groups. He has also held positions for some of these organizations as event chair/organizer, registrar, or chief coach. His racing accomplishments include winning his class at the Targa Newfoundland in 2007.


Ken is an accomplished Road and Rally racer and coach. Since 1982 Ken has been involved in motorsports, first in regional rallies and then as a racer in the Honda Michelin, Players GM and the Firestone Firehawk Series. Ken has won his class at the Targa Newfoundland at which he participated in 2006 & 07. He has also been a race Steward & Scrutineer and a FIA F1 Observer for ASN Canada FIA. Since 1986 Ken has been coaching at high-performance and race schools for various organizations including Saab, BMW, Ferrari, Lotus, Enhanced Driving Synergy, Hanson International, Bill Brack Racing, and law enforcement groups. For some of these organizations as event chair/organizer or chief coach plus managing track activities for Krikorian Motorsport, Hanson Racing and crew for EuroJap Racing.

The Team believes that through education a driver can feel more relaxed, even though they are really more alert. Our approach is easier on the body and mind. With training, the driver will remain alert for longer periods and maintain higher levels of awareness on our challenging roadways and hopefully have learned enough to be able to react instinctively in an emergency situation.

Other Programs

  • Custom motorsport events tailored to your requirements
  • Personal coaching
  • Driver skills evaluation (seniors)
  • Confidence builder coaching
  • Competitive motorsport counseling

Contact Driving Academy

To ask a question, get our announcements/special offers, inquire about another program, contact us at:webform@brackdrving.com  

Shannonville Motorsport Park
7047 Old Hwy #2, Box 259
Shannonville, Ontario
K0K 3A0

Phone: (613) 969-1906
Fax #: (613) 966-6890
Toll free#: 1-800-959-8955


How long is the school day?

Registration is open at 8:00 am at the 2nd floor of he Tower, to sign a waiver and get a wristband. The program ends at about 5:00 pm.

The classroom on the2nd floor, starts at 9:00 (sharp).

All participants are invited to get together at the end of the day and provide feedback.

How much does it cost???

The BDC-High Performance Driving course is a full day event with instruction and lunch for $320+tax.

I am under 18. Are there any special waivers?

Participants under 18 need to have their parents complete a parental waiver. The participant also needs to complete a waiver. Get a copy of the waiver from the website and complete it in advance.

Is the Brack Driving Concepts program hard on my car?

The total distance typically run at our program is 100km. There will be a little extra tire and brake pad wear but it is not substantial and probably not even perceptible. You will likely use most of a tank of gas!

Your car must be in top mechanical condition with fresh brake fluid and a full tank of gas.

Why does my brake fluid need to be recently flushed?

Brake fluid is designed to absorb moisture to ensure your brake components do not corrode. This moisture absorption causes the boiling point of the fluid to decline over time and boiling fluid causes an unsafe decline in pressure to your braking system. This results in increased stopping distances in an emergency braking situation.

All manufacturers recommend routine brake fluid flushing though owners often overlook it. We err on the side of safety and ask that your brake fluid be recently flushed.

What if I don't like or communicate well with my coach?

Approach the Chief Coach with your concern. You will be re-assigned. Don't be shy; all coaches are aware that chemistry can be an issue. Our overall objective is for you to have an informative and pleasant day.

How many other cars are on the track at the same time?

We keep each driving group small, so there are rarely other drivers near you. In the event that another car approaches, there are designated passing zones. The car being passed must give a hand signal to permit the pass. A coach is in your car to ensure safety.

Will you hold a spot for me?

We are often told to "count me in," and are asked to hold, reserve or save a spot; however we cannot do this for scheduling support staff logistics and it would not be fair to those who have submitted a complete application with payment to end up on a waiting list.

What's so great about the Brack Driving Concepts program over other programs?

Our program is unique, highly regarded, popular, a lot of fun, and very safe. We believe this is due, in part, to the following reasons:

  1. We run our schools at specialized venues, which provide a safe, controlled and exciting environment.
  2. Brack Driving coaches are carefully selected for their knowledge and skill sets and we review all student feedback from each event.
  3. Being at a controlled venue adds to the fun factor and allows you to experience the joys of driving.
  4. Our objective is to see everyone become a better, safer, more knowledgeable driver. We also like to see you enjoying your experience with us.
  5. Our coaches bring to the table a great deal of safety-oriented, high performance driving experience. Each has driven thousands of laps on different tracks all over North America and some in Europe. Some have racing experience, amateur or professional. Although we're not teaching racing outright, you can also apply what we teach to that environment if you are so inclined.
  6. Our classroom sessions are kept to reasonable sizes for group-tailored instruction and insight.
  7. Our facilities are designed with skill development in mind and offer many types of corners as well as straightaways. Shannonville Motorsport Park provides one of the best facilities that approximate the conditions required to learn and practice advanced drivingskills. From an educational perspective, our event better prepares you for the real world and more.
  8. We keep you hydrated with refreshments throughout the day.
  9. All participants - coaches and drivers - are invited to provide us feed-back. Perspectives, highlights of the day and learning experiences are enthusiastically shared.
  10. We could go on, but come see for yourself. The Brack Driving Concepts program is quite simply brilliant: fun, safe and educational for participants of all levels. For more information, go to www.brackdriving.com

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