Points System & Sponsors

Super Pro Class

Points Sponsor: Cannifton Garage Min. Dial Time – 7.99 – 1/8 mile Max. Dian Time – No maximum Car & Driver entry = $70.00 ($15.00 + $55.00) Re-entry = $50.00

Sportsman Class

Points Sponsor: Snap-On Tools

Min. Dial Time -9.30 – 1/8 mile Max. Dial Time – 5.80 – 1/8 mile Car & Driver entry = $60.00 ($15.00 + $45.00) Re-entry = $40.00 Note: Sportsman Class – includes cars, motorcycles and snow machines

Street Class

Points Sponsor: Associated Muffler

Max. Dial Time – 13.0 – ¼ mile Car & Driver entry - $40.00 ($15.00 + $25.00) Re-entry = $10.00

Junoir & Open Classes

Points Sponsor: Mac Tools

Max. Speed – 60 mph – 1/8 mile Car & Driver entry = $25.00 ($15.00 + $10.00) Re-entry = $5.00

Points System

  • 8 scheduled point’s races in the series.
  • Racers running for points must be registered prior to points being awarded.
  • Points for the series are awarded to the driver, not the car.
  • Points are non-transferable between classes.
  • Drivers may not substitute another car during eliminations.
  • Point accumulation for re-entries ends after 1st round loss.
  • Racers substituting cars prior to elimination, due to breakage, must report car change to staging lane official.
  • Time trials are not required to race.
  • Points will be calculated at the conclusion of the event and posted on the website.
  • Points will be issued as 300 points for entry, 200 points per round win. Re-entry round wins do not count.
  • Driver will receive attendance points for paid admission.
  • Points Entry Fees: Super Pro = $85.00 Sportsman = $75.00
  • Street = $25.00 Junior Dragster & Open = $25.00
  • The total money paid by the racers to register for the point system is kept in trust and given back to the racers as point funds payouts at the end of the season.

Start Your Engines

Join in on the fun, training, competition or testing at Shannonville Motorsport Park. Book your track time at Canada's favorite roadracing facility. SMP is both challenging and safe, with exceptional run-off room. Full support facilities are in place to ensure your enjoyable stay!



Shannonville is a natural playground for Supermoto, which is a cross between motorcycle road racing and motocross racing. We have hosted Supermoto events for years, either on the Nelson track or on the Skid pad track. You have to check this out.


Shannonville Drags

Put the pedal to the metal on the weekends and watch them light it up. You can also test your car on the drag strip or on the road course. Have a blast at Shannonville Drags!


Learn to Ride

RACE has developed the schools to allow motorcycle enthusiasts a safe informative opportunity to develop and refine their street riding and racing skills.


Driving Academy

The Shannonville Motorsport Park Driving Academy is the place for drivers to learn how to handle their car in a controlled environment and is the exclusive provider of the Brack Driving Concepts program.


Driving Academy Race School

THE place for drivers desiring to acquire the racing knowledge and skill in order to qualify for a ASN FIA National race license. Our program runs the entire season on a "on demand basis".